• Question: why do you think you shoud win the prize

    Asked by lisabo123 to Liam on 28 Jun 2013.
    • Photo: Liam Bagley

      Liam Bagley answered on 28 Jun 2013:

      Hi lisabo123!

      Well, I’m pretty shocked to be here at the final stage among these awesome scientists! So to be honest, I came up with a rough plan of what I wanted to do, which is on my profile as donating it to a local school for some new equipment, but I honestly didn’t think I’d be in with a chance of winning so didn’t put a massive amount of thought into it to avoid disapointment!
      But, now I’m close, I think I want to organise a science day at either my University or at a local school lab in Manchester and buy loads of science kit, like blood pressure monitors, or bioimpedence analysers (tell us what we’re made of!) for a school biology lesson, then me and a few of my scientist friends come and teach everyone how to use them.
      I really want to make science at school fun again because I really struggled with it!